Posted on Aug 19, 2021



The prospect of long-term remote working has prompted many of us to reconsider what we want, and need, from our houses. Suddenly, good commuter access to the city has become less of a priority than, say, a bit more space, a relaxing view, and some fresh air.

At Evolve, we’ve helped more than one client who has decided to bring forwards their retirement dream of moving to a cottage by the coast. After all, why wait until tomorrow if it suits your lifestyle today?

We’ve also seen a huge increase in people from urban areas looking to get their mortgages in place so they can leap on the next idyllic country cottage the second it comes on Rightmove.

The stats are in, people are rethinking their urban lifestyles.

Since mid-2020, when the housing market roared back into life, online property sites like Rightmove have reported a sharp increase in enquiries from people living in cities and large towns. With a whopping 126% increase in interest in village properties alone.

 A report by PwC also suggested that London’s population would soon decline for the first time this century, as people headed to less crowded pastures, and many other cities and larger towns are predicted to follow suit.

It looks like the move away from the city is more than just a fad, and for many people, it’s an exciting opportunity to assess what they want from life.

So where do you want to live?

Whether you’re eager to take advantage of the prospect long term remote working offers to where you can live, or are simply ready for a change of scene, it’s important to factor in everything you need to ensure your big change of scene goes smoothly.

The fun bit is the research, of course. After all, what’s better than a great excuse to spend the weekend in your favourite parts of the country, sampling the bars, restaurants and various local attractions?   

However, when it comes to the more practical side of things, that’s where Evolve FS come in. We can help you establish what kind of mortgage you’ll need, and then secure you a great deal, including accessing offers that aren’t available to the general public. And that way, with our support, when your ideal home pops up on the market, you’ll be in prime position to book an early viewing, get your offer in, and make your dream come true.  

Securing a mortgage can be a daunting process. But at Evolve, we offer a fee free service that takes you through every aspect of the process, to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your needs. Get in touch, and let’s make your big relocation a reality.