Posted on Dec 17, 2021  | Tags: christmas, newhome, moving, move house

Write your to-do list.

Christmas is already hectic, and throwing a house move into the mix is a recipe for chaos. So start listing everything you need to do, from final meter readings to ensuring your kettle is easily accessible for that all-important first cup of tea, and everything in between. Not only will it actually help you navigate your way through the big move, but it will help you feel more organised. And often, that in itself can reduce those stress levels, at least by a little.

 Once you get your moving date, start researching local movers.

As soon as your solicitors furnish you with the completion date, it’s time to secure your movers. Be aware that most removal companies shut down between Christmas eve and early January, meaning if you are going to move during that period, you’ll likely have to look at other options, such as renting your own van.

 Pack your decorations last.

If you want the tree up and the halls decked with tinsel as soon as you get the front door open, make sure they’re in the last box that goes in the van. That way, they’ll likely be amongst the first to get unloaded. For bonus points, mark the boxes up so you know where to find them easily.

 Keep your eye on the weather reports.

At this time of year, filthy weather is almost guaranteed, and snow could literally put your efforts to move on ice. And while a really bad downfall could mean roads become impassable, you can at least prepare for icy conditions by having grit and shovels to hand. Also, torches are a must if you’re still unloading past mid-afternoon. At the end of the day, you don’t want your removal team slipping and injuring themselves… or your favourite crockery.

 Make sure you’ve got your utilities and entertainment sorted.

Give your energy providers plenty of notice that you’re moving, and prioritise submitting meter readings once you’re in your new house. The last thing you want during the darkest days of the year is no electricity, internet, or TV.

 Oh, and don’t forget to let Santa know your new address.

Actually, it’s not just the big man who you need to inform. To ensure any Christmas cards, deliveries and other important mail doesn’t go astray, it’s worth setting up a redirection service with the Post Office to cover that first month or so.

 If you’re hoping to move in the next few weeks, then good luck from the Evolve team! And if you’re thinking of buying or selling in 2022, then get in touch and let’s secure you a great mortgage deal.