Bank of England Base Rate Increase

Bank of England announced today an increase of the base rate from 4.25% to 4.5%

What do you love most.....about your job?

In honour of Valentine’s Day this year, and with love in the air (and clipboard in hand), we decided to politely - and not at all annoying - strike up conversations with our Evolve employees about……. love!

Why new build and what are the benefits?

It’s true that we all have our own personal preferences in life, whether that’s the clothes we wear, the music we listen to or the cars we choose to drive. Our homes are no different!

What if I’m too ill to work? How can I continue to pay my mortgage?

Finding yourself out of work unexpectedly through illness or from an accident can be a stressful and daunting prospect for many of us – and whilst initial feelings may be of panic and worst-case scenario thoughts such as ‘how will I pay my mortgage?’ or ‘I’m going to lose my home’ – ‘it is important to keep calm and level-headed; most crucially, take immediate action to get the help you require.

UK mortgage rates at lowest since mini-budget

For the first time since Kwasi Kwarteng delivered the infamous mini-budget, banks and building societies across the UK are starting to cut mortgage rates, offering struggling homeowners some much needed relief and reassurance.

The end of 'Stress Testing' for mortgage applications

Rising inflation, caused by increasing gas prices and a continued shortage of consumer goods has influenced the latest Bank of England Base Rate rise that took us to 1.75%. But the effect that this will have on borrowers isn't clear-cut and differs from individual to individual. Another factor that should be taken into consideration is the 1st August removal of the 'Stress Test' criteria.

Thinking about buying a new build property?

If you are considering buying a new build property here are a few of our ‘top tips’.

Is London Letting making a comeback?

London rental growth has outpaced the nationwide average of 9.8 per cent for the second consecutive month, after previously lagging behind the rest of the country for 26 months on the trot. In March, rents in London increased by 2.1 percent compared to February, while they increased by 0.9 percent nationally.

A home that can help you save money….

Your home shouldn't be a place to make you worry about your finances — it should be a place of sanctuary and escape.

How will the rise in inflation affect your mortgage borrowing?

In a bid to keep inflation at 2% over a two-to-three-year period The Bank of England has increased rates for the third consecutive time since December, by 0.25% to 0.75% (as of 18/03/22).

Buying a home you’ll love forever?

February is the month of love - so let Evolve help you find the most attractive mortgage deal for a home you can love forever.

Property owners? Are you protected?

As a property owner, keeping track of insurance and paperwork can be overwhelming and costly. However, you are responsible for the safety of your tenants, property damage, and some avoidable personal injuries.

How to prepare for a Seasonal home move

If you’re anticipating a house move this December, then it’s probably less the season to be jolly, and more the season to be jolly stressed. However, don’t fret, because we’ve put together some tips on removing some of the stress from your big move.

How to protect yourself from the impending mortgage rate increase

With financial experts predicting the Bank of England will raise the base interest rate at some point in the near future, it looks like we’ll soon be saying goodbye to the era of record-low mortgage interest rates. So where does that leave homeowners? Read on to find out how to plan your next moves.

Homebuyers, skip the independent survey at your peril!

For the Evolve FS team, the scariest campfire story starts with the sentence ‘A homebuyer bought a house without an independent survey.’ We’ve heard this one many times over the years, and believe us when we tell you it never ends well. It’s a tale of happy couples settling into their new home, only to find damp taking over, foundations moving, and a roof full of holes. Sometimes, it’s even worse than that. Fortunately, this is a horror story that won’t be getting a sequel, just as long as you read on and heed our advice.

Relocation - The Evolve guide

Finding the right home is one thing, but finding the right area is quite another. In fact, even a dream home can turn into a bit of a nightmare if you find you are struggling to warm to the area around it. And while Rightmove might be an amazing resource for finding houses, it falls flat when helping you assess the merits of different locations. So if you’re still mulling over the right area for you to set down fresh roots, then read on, because we’ve got some great advice on narrowing down your options, and making the right decision.

From staycation to relocation.

With staycations surging in popularity over the last two summers, many of us have had the opportunity to discover the more coastal, picturesque and quaint parts of the UK. And thanks to increased working flexibility, a growing number of people are now looking at more long-term relocations away from the rat race. So if your flight-free summer getaway has inspired you to think about selling up, then read on, because we can help you plan your next steps.

What is critical illness insurance?

Who would support you and your family if you were diagnosed with a serious illness? If you encountered a sudden emergency health issue, or needed life-saving surgery, would your employer continue to pay your salary while you recovered?

Buildings and contents insurance....

If you’re getting a mortgage, you’ll already know that you need buildings insurance in place before you can exchange contracts. However, what you might not know is that you don’t need to go with the insurance provider your mortgage broker recommends. In fact, there’s usually a much better deal out there. At Evolve FS, we’ve saved many homebuyers significant amounts of money over the years by finding them great deals on both buildings and contents insurance. So if you’re in the process of getting cover in place, and not sure what types and level of home insurance you need, then read on, for expert advice from the Evolve FS team.

Do I need income protection insurance...?

Are you a working age adult and concerned about what would happen if injury or illness meant you couldn’t work for a long period of time? For the many people who can’t rely on their employer’s sick pay allowance to cover their expenses and financial commitments, income protection cover offers peace of mind. However, there are many different policies out there, and each differs on how much money you would be entitled to, over what lengths of time, and for what reasons. So if you are considering income protection insurance, read on to discover how it works, and what Evolve can do to help you get a great deal.

Evolve Financial Solutions and MAB

Evolve Financial Solutions are excited to announce their involvement as an authorised representative with the MAB network. The Mortgage Advice Bureau is the UKs most recognised mortgage intermediary and the acquisition of a stake in Evolve will see it strengthen its new homes broker panel and proposition for the UK’s leading builders.

Is your life insurance in place?

Life insurance, like setting up a will, is something that’s easy to put off. However, ensuring your loved ones are financially covered in the event of your death is something you should take the time to think about. Particularly if you have dependants, and significant debts such as a mortgage.

Get your finances in order by December!

If spring is the time when people get serious about moving house, then summer is the time when people really start sweating over their options.

How to get your finances in shape for the best mortgage deals

Whether you’re buying your first home, moving into your dream family home, or looking to invest in a buy to let property, finding the best rates is hard work. And the best products are generally only available to those in the best financial positions. So how do you line yourself up for the best deals?

Debunking the mortgage myths

Our expert team here at Evolve have decided to look at some of the common mortgage myths we hear from our clients, so we can tell you what the real story is.

Are interest only mortgages ever a good idea?

With lower monthly payments than a standard product, an interest only mortgage can sound like an enticing proposition. However, as if often the case, what seems great in the short-term can end up costing you a lot more in the long run.

Evolve announce sponsorship of Old Saints United FC

Buying a new-build property

As experts at finding the right mortgage solutions and specialists in new build mortgages this handy guide discusses what you need to know about new build mortgages.....

How to put bad credit history behind you

Previous bad credit history doesn't mean that you can't get a mortgage - it simply means finding the right one for YOU. Evolve can help.....

You've found your dream home! Now what?

Now you’ve found your ideal property, what comes next?

How do Buy-to-Let Mortgages work?

Whether you’re a landlord with a portfolio of four or more properties, or someone thinking about turning your savings into bricks and mortar, our advisors can guide you through the BTL process. Get in touch today.

The 'Help to Buy' scheme has changed - what you need to know....

The Governments 'Help to Buy' scheme has changed, further information can be found here....

Beyond a mortgage, what else do property buyers need to consider?

After the excitement of finding your new home - what next? What should you prioritise and plan for as well as the mortgage prep?

Promotion congratulations....

Congratulations to Karl Limb and Louise Whitlock on their promotions

6 ways to refresh your home for Spring

The clocks are changing, winter is ending - whether you're staying or moving make sure your home is one you want to come home to with our 6 ways to refresh your home for spring.

What do people want from a home post-lockdown?

Whether you're buying or selling there is no doubt that priorities have shifted. How compatible is remote working and open plan living? Are gardens now higher on the agenda for home buyers?

Will Spring signal the start of the 2021 house buying season?

Is March still 'House Buying season'? How can you better prepare to sell your home and beat the rush?

2021 has started well for home buyers....

With the budget containing great news for homebuyers and sellers, such as the long-rumoured stamp duty holiday extension, it looks like 2021 could be a strong year for the housing market. And this time, thanks to some promises on low-deposit mortgages, ‘generation rent’ are set to get a bite of the apple too.

The Spring Budget – Property Focus

The first budget of 2021 delivered great news for those already buying or hoping to get onto the housing ladder.

The hidden dangers of Pancake Day!

For a day focused on eating it may surprise you that Shrove Tuesday, or pancake day as it is more commonly called, is actually fraught with danger!

Life insurance and coronavirus: What you need to know.

What does Covid mean for people with existing life insurance policies, or those who are looking to set one up? Here is what you need to know.....

Our Top Tips Guide

Moving Home, although exciting and new, can be a challenging, yet daunting adventure. This ‘Top Tips Guide’ has been created with you in mind, we’ve sought helpful advice from our most experienced Mortgage Advisers here at Evolve.

Changes in UK Stamp Duty - What does it mean as a home buyer?

Exciting news for UK Home Buyers as announcement of Stamp Duty freeze comes into immediate effect!

Time to Remortgage?

Staff Spotlight - David Jenner

During these testing times we thought we'd share some exciting news with you all!

Coronavirus Update - we're still here to help you!

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